July 19, 2024
How to Use Proform Elliptical Without ifit

To get the best value of an elliptical, a proper guideline is so important. You may get guidelines from a gym instructor. What if you are busy enough and managing time for the gym is quite difficult for you? 

Here is the ProForm gym equipment that may help you to fulfill all workout goals. The ProForm ellipticals come with tons of features and built-in iFit services. To get the full benefits of an elliptical, iFit can give you the best instruction at home but you need a subscription to get it and that’s costly. 

So, how to use ProForm elliptical without iFit? Before jumping on that answer, know about the ProForm elliptical and iFit!

ProForm Elliptical and iFit

The ProForm is a world-leading professional gym-class equipment enabled with iFit. The solid build quality, unique features, and the iFit’s online instruction make ProForm the perfect home gym equipment. 

What are the benefits of using iFit? The attachment of iFit on ProForm elliptical gives the top-level guideline by a world-class online instructor. You can do thousands of different workouts using iFit with a single elliptical by balancing its activities. So, using proform ellipticals with an iFit subscription you can get the gym-class exercise at home. 

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How to Use ProForm Without iFit

Using a ProForm elliptical is a wise choice for personal exercise but the iFit subscription can be a barrier because of its cost. The iFit membership costs $396 for a yearly family plan, $39 for a monthly family plan, and $180 for a yearly individual plan. so, how to use a ProForm elliptical without iFit?

You can use iFit all services for free for 12 months if you buy brand new Proform equipment. But what if I have an old ProForm elliptical or I already used the free program? In this case, you can use it manually or pre-loaded ProForm’s program. All ProForm ellipticals come with a pre-installed limited workouts program. That might be helpful for your workout. But if you want to do something new regularly, you have to login in iFit and pay for its membership! 

How can I use Proform Elliptical Manually? 

As a ProForm elliptical can be used manually, you can do a lot of exercise without iFit. Now, the previous free subscription user experience will help you to do exercise effectively.

If you don’t have any user experience and you don’t want to buy an iFit subscription, then you must use the pre-loaded built-in ProForm program. For example, An 8-week weight loss program. At this time the machine will give you instruction to perform weight loss exercises on ProForm without using iFit

The reason why people find how to use ProForm elliptical without iFit is its subscription cost. iFit is not all about costs. You can use limited iFit programs without a subscription. 

iFit Coach is Free for 12 Months with ProForm

iFti enabled elliptical proform

Every ProForm elliptical comes with a 12-month iFit subscription. This gives you a solid year to exercise with iFit Coach without having to make any financial commitments. You will have access to all iFit’s features. For example Google Maps adventure workout, interactive HD video workout,iFit Smart Cardio, and iFit Sleep, and so on. 

With a subscription, you can choose your own activities on iFit. There are a bunch of activities with different categories. For example: If you are a beginner then you can do beginner’s friendly workouts.

The coolest thing about iFit is your online coach can balance your elliptical to give you the perfect workout. All you have to do is follow simple instructions and do as much as you can. 

Consider using your NordicTrack elliptical without iFit. Continue reading to find out where we explained how to use NordicTrack without iFit.


A ProForm elliptical with an iFit membership gives a wide range of exercise options. But without iFit, you can do a bunch of exercises too with your exercising knowledge. Not only that, the pre-installed program will help you at that time. So, there is no reason to worry. Let’s do exercise on ProForm ellipticals without iFit.