April 25, 2024
Best Time to Buy a Treadmill

Ever thought about running at home but got scared off by treadmill prices? Well… You’re not alone! 

Most of us want to work out without leaving home, but that high price tag stops us cold. What if I told you there are smart ways to get a treadmill without emptying your wallet? Yes, you read that right.

I’ve done the legwork on this topic, tracking sales, reading reviews, and even talking to store managers. If you’re itching to step up your fitness game from the comfort of your living room, stick around.

I’ve got all the inside scoop on when to snag a treadmill deal that won’t break the bank. Let’s make your home workout dream a reality without causing a financial nightmare!

What Is A Treadmill?

Best Time to Buy a Treadmill

A treadmill is basically an exercise machine that you’ve probably seen in gyms, and maybe even in some of your friends’ homes. It has a flat surface, called a belt, that moves. 

You walk or run on this belt, which helps you burn calories and get your heart pumping. Imagine a conveyor belt that you can jog on; that’s a treadmill for you.

The cool thing about treadmills is that they’re super versatile. You can use them for a casual stroll or a run. You set the speed and the incline, so it’s like creating your own workout playground

Some treadmills even have pre-set workout programs. So if you’re new to exercise, you can follow these programs to get started.

Treadmills are popular as they let you exercise without going outside. Rain or shine, hot or cold, your treadmill is always there, ready for a workout. It’s like having a mini gym in your home!

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The Best Times To Buy A Treadmill

End of the Year (January)

You know how we all start the new year wanting to get fit? Retailers are well aware of this. That’s why January is the best month for treadmill deals. 

The minute the New Year celebrations are over, stores roll out big sales. They’re keen to tap into our “new year, new me” goals.

But there’s another reason January is great for buying a treadmill. It’s the post-holiday clearance time. 

Retailers need to make room for new inventory. So, what does that mean for you? Great treadmill discounts and promotions, that’s what!

Some of these January sales aren’t minor at all. You could find treadmills at up to 50% off. And that’s not all. Some stores even add bonuses like extended warranties or free maintenance. It’s like they’re really making it hard for you to say no!

Also, keep an eye out for special financing deals. Sometimes, you’ll find plans with zero interest. This is perfect if you’re eyeing a pricier model but are on a budget. No need to compromise on the features you want just because of the price tag.

So, if you’re planning to make fitness a priority, January’s the time to go treadmill shopping. The deals are too good to pass up, and the timing aligns perfectly with those fitness goals we all seem to have when the new year rolls around.

Memorial Day and Labor Day

Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends are also prime times for snagging a good deal on a treadmill. 

These long weekends signal the start and end of summer, and for some reason, they’ve become shopping holidays too. I’m not complaining though; it’s a great excuse to finally get that home gym started or upgraded.

During these holidays, fitness retailers pull out all the stops. They offer deals that are hard to ignore. I’m talking markdowns, bundle deals, and even free shipping

You could save hundreds of dollars on top-tier models, making your dream of owning a high-quality treadmill more attainable.

Memorial Day is particularly interesting because it’s sort of the kick-off to the summer season. Retailers know people are starting to think about their summer bodies, and they want to help you get there. 

Similarly, Labor Day marks the end of the summer. It’s like a last call for big discounts before the holiday season starts ramping up.

Also, these sales aren’t limited to physical stores. Online retailers also join in on the fun. In fact, I’ve seen online-exclusive deals that are even better than what’s in stores.

So, if you missed the New Year’s sales or just weren’t ready to commit then, these two holidays offer a second chance to score big. Both weekends are great opportunities to save a bundle on a treadmill and start your fitness journey on the right foot.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are like the Super Bowl of shopping, especially if you’re in the market for a treadmill. 

These are days when retailers go all out with their sales, making it the perfect time to get a high-quality machine without emptying your wallet.

Let’s get into specifics. Popular brands like NordicTrack roll out deals that can save you up to $300 on their T-Series treadmills. Imagine getting a top-of-the-line model and keeping a few hundred bucks in your pocket. Sounds like a win-win, right?

Another brand to look out for is Go Plus. They offer a 2-in-1 folding treadmill at a 30% discount. That’s a pretty sweet deal for anyone short on space but big on fitness goals. 

Some other quality treadmills, like Urivo 2 and Xterra Fitness, often have discounts too. While they don’t always advertise the specifics, you can still expect some solid price drops.

Even smart treadmills get in on the action. Health and Fitness, for instance, have their SFT 7515 smart treadmill in these sales. While they don’t specify the discount, you can be sure there’ll be a price cut.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer a buffet of deals that can suit any budget or need. It’s one of those times when waiting in line or clicking refresh on a website could actually save you hundreds of dollars. So mark those calendars and get ready to shop!

Other Times of the Year

Don’t feel down if you missed the big holiday sales. There are other times to catch deals, too.

Watch out for sales around Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Some stores also offer specials on lesser-known holidays or during seasonal changes. Keep your eyes peeled and your wallet ready!

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4 Tips for Finding a Good Deal on a Treadmill

  1. Shop Around and Compare Prices

Don’t grab the first treadmill that catches your eye. Visit multiple stores and websites to compare prices. Trust me, it pays off.

  1. Look for Sales and Promotions

Sign up for email lists from fitness stores. They often send out exclusive deals and coupons to their subscribers. 

Sometimes, you get a heads-up on upcoming sales that the general public doesn’t know about.

  1. Consider Seasonal Sales

We’ve talked about the big sale days, but sometimes seasonal sales or clearance events can offer good deals too. So don’t miss those.

  1. Check Out Used Equipment

If you’re okay with a pre-loved treadmill, sites like Facebook Marketplace can be goldmines. Just make sure you test the treadmill before handing over your cash.

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Factors to Consider While Buying a Treadmill

You’ve decided you want a treadmill, but how do you pick the right one? There are a bunch of things to consider, so let’s break it down.

  1. Size Matters

Do you have enough space in your home? Treadmills can be pretty big, and you don’t want to end up with something that covers all your living room space. 

Some models can fold up, which is a real space-saver.

  1. It’s All About the Motor

The motor is the heart of any treadmill. 

A strong motor ensures that your treadmill can handle daily use and different types of workouts. Typically, a 2 to 3-horsepower motor should do the trick for most people.

  1. Features Are Your Friends

Treadmills come loaded with various features these days.

From built-in speakers to heart rate monitors, the list is endless. Decide what’s important to you. 

Do you want to connect your phone to music, or are you focused on tracking your fitness? Make a list of must-haves.

  1. How Fast and Steep Can It Go?

Check the speed and incline settings. 

If you’re planning on doing some serious running or uphill training,  you’ll need a treadmill that can keep up with you. A good range to look for is up to 10 or 12 mph in speed and a 10% to 15% incline.

  1. Warranty and Customer Reviews

Don’t forget to check the warranty and read some customer reviews. 

A solid warranty can give you peace of mind, knowing you’re covered if something goes wrong. Customer reviews can offer insights you might not have considered.

  1. Cost and Budget

Treadmills range from budget-friendly to “Wow, that’s expensive!” 

Decide what you’re willing to spend and try to stick to your budget. Remember, this is an investment in your health, so it’s okay to splurge a little if you can.

  1. Try Before You Buy

If possible, give the treadmill a test run at a store. How it feels underfoot and how easy it is to use can really make or break your workout experience.

So there you have it. 

Trust me, a little bit of research and thought beforehand can save you a lot of hassle later on.

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Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it! Buying a treadmill doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. You just need to know when to shop. 

January and major holidays like Memorial Day and Labor Day are great. Even Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer super deals. If you miss those, there are other options, like seasonal sales or used equipment. 

A bit of research, a little planning, and smart shopping can go a long way. You’ll find a treadmill that not only suits your space but also fits your budget. Here’s to starting your fitness journey on the right foot! Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there specific holidays or sales events when treadmills are typically discounted?

Yes, Black Friday and New Year’s sales often feature treadmill discounts.

Should I buy a treadmill in-store or online to get the best deals?

Online shopping often offers more competitive prices and convenience.

What features should I look for in a treadmill to get the best value for my money?

Prioritize features like motor power, belt size, cushioning, and warranty.