July 19, 2024
Best Treadmill for Shock Absorption

A couple of years ago, I started feeling some annoying knee pain. 

Initially, I blamed it on age or maybe the wrong pair of shoes. However, after discussing it with my physiotherapist, the culprit was clear. 

The hard surface I was running on. 

So, on her advice, I decided to try treadmills with shock absorbers

Let me tell you, it was like night and day! My knee pain? Gone! 

That experience got me thinking, “Why not share this info?” 

So here I am, after digging deep into forums, watching tons of videos, and even talking to experts. 

What Exactly Is Shock Absorption?

Alright, let’s make it simple. 

Ever noticed how hard it feels to run on a road compared to a good treadmill? 

That’s the shock absorption. 

It’s just a fancy way of saying the treadmill has special padding to make it easier on your knees and other joints. 

You can think of it as built-in cushioning that protects you from hurting yourself. This feature is super crucial. 

It takes some of the “hit” away from your knees, ankles, and back when your foot lands on the treadmill. 

You might think it’s just a fancy add-on, but trust me, it makes a huge difference. 

Especially if you’re someone who runs a lot or has joint issues, this feature can be a game-changer!

Who Needs a Shock-Absorbing Treadmill?

You might be asking, “Do I need a treadmill with shock absorption?” Well, if you’re running to lose weight or have joint problems, it’s a big yes.

 Training for a marathon? Another yes. 

Shock-absorbing treadmills are also good for older people. They let you exercise without hurting your joints. 

Instead of pounding your knees on hard ground, you get a softer impact. Even if you just want a more comfortable run, why not be kind to your body? Believe me, your knees and ankles will be grateful!

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Why is Shock Absorption Important?

Why is Shock Absorption Important

How Does It Work?

The treadmill deck, usually made from board materials, rotates a belt.  Some belts even have extra cushioning for your comfort

Studies show these treadmills are easier on your joints than hard surfaces. 

There are different types, too. 

For walkers, thin decks are okay. For runners, you’d want a thicker one

High-end models have actual springs or soft cushions

You can even adjust some to fit your needs. To make it more like outdoor running, just add a small incline. Simple as that!

Benefits of Good Shock Absorption

Good shock absorption on a treadmill is like a gift to your body. You’ll see, I’ve spent countless hours running, and let me tell you, not all treadmills are created equal.

Physical Perks

  • First off, your knees and hips will thank you. Lower stress on joints means less chance of injuries.
  • Also, you bounce back quicker after your workout. Less muscle pain, more gain.

Performance Upsides

  • You run better. Your body lines up in a way that makes each step count, making your workouts super effective.
  • It feels great too. The comfy run keeps you in the zone, boosting your focus.

Mental Benefits

  • This is the cherry on top: you’ll feel more confident. Knowing you’re less likely to get hurt makes you push a little harder and set higher goals.

Choosing a treadmill with the best shock absorption can make your fitness journey smoother, safer, and just plain better. Trust me, once you try it, you won’t want to go back.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Shock-Absorbing Treadmill

I once bought a treadmill so bad that it felt like I was running on Legos. 

Lesson learned. 

Here’s how not to mess up:

The Weighty Issue

No, I’m not judging your love for cookies. 

However, your weight decides how much stress those treadmill springs are going to take. 

More weight means you’ll need shock absorbers strong enough to moonlight as superheroes.

How Fit Are You?

Are you a workout pro or more of a TV binge-watcher? 

If you run fast, you’ll want a treadmill that can handle that speed and still be easy on your joints.

Your Budget

Money talks. High-quality treadmills with great shock absorption are more expensive. Don’t go cheap on this. It’s worth spending a bit more to save your knees in the long run.

Cool Features

Want a fancy treadmill with a heart rate monitor, or maybe even a screen to watch shows? That’s cool, but know that the more features, the higher the price.

Well, I’ve been there, done that. Bought the wrong treadmill, felt the pain, and learned what really counts. Trust me, choosing wisely now will save you a lot of aches and regrets later.

Alright, time for the real deal. 

Let’s dive into the 5 best shock absorption treadmills that won’t break your bank—or your knees! Ready?

Top 5 Best Treadmills for Shock Absorption

1. Best Overall – Bowflex Treadmill Series

Bowflex Treadmil Series

Ever had that aha moment when you find “The One?” Well, that was me with the Bowflex Treadmill Series. My knees have seen better days, and this treadmill is a lifesaver. 


Bowflex is the real MVP here. I’m talking about gym-quality runs without ever stepping out of your house. Imagine that! 

And the kicker? It’s not even that noisy. So, for those of you living in tight spaces, no more angry neighbors!

Key Features

  • Smooth Shock Absorption: Your knees will think you’re floating.
  • Speed Range: Goes up to 12 mph. Perfect for sprinters and walkers alike.
  • Workout Programs: Varied options to keep boredom at bay.
  • Maximum Horsepower: 3 HP
  • Motor Incline/Decline: -5% to 15% 
  • Cool Tech: Built-in Bluetooth, speaker, and even a fan.
Incredible shock absorptionA bit on the expensive side
Speed variety for allAssembly is a mini-workout
Cool tech features 

If you’re weighing your options, let me make it easy. 

The Bowflex Treadmill Series is the best overall for shock absorption. 

It’s a top-notch investment for anyone serious about joint health and long-term fitness.

2. Premium Pick – NordicTrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill

NordicTrack Commercial Series

I’ve been using this NordicTrack treadmill for months. It’s my go-to for a home workout. 

If you’re bored with your routine, this could be your game-changer!


What sets it apart? A huge 22-inch touchscreen! Imagine running with a personal trainer in a far-off place. 

All in your living room! It’s like a vacation every time you sweat.

Key Features

  • Big Screen: A 22-inch HD wonder.
  • iFit Magic: Live workouts at your service.
  • Speed & Incline: 0-12 mph and up to 15% hill.
  • Fold It: Saves space. Nuff said.
  • Heart Check: Keeps an eye on your pulse.
Movie-sized screenHeavy and tricky to set up
Workouts feel like play
Compact design

I’ve been using the NordicTrack 2950 for three months, and I’ve gone from dreading workouts to eagerly lacing up my shoes. 

Trust me, the game-like experience is a game-changer. It’s a bit of an investment, but if you’re serious about getting fit and having fun doing it, this machine won’t disappoint. 

3. Best For Heavy User –  Horizon Fitness 7.8 AT Treadmill

Horizon Fitness

My best friend, John, is a fitness fanatic. Last Christmas, he treated himself to the Horizon Fitness 7.8 AT Treadmill. 

Guess what? He’s been loving it, and I’ve been sneaking in workouts whenever I visit him. Here’s the lowdown.


This treadmill isn’t your ordinary walk in the park. It’s a game-changer. I love how quick it is. 

Just twist a dial to adjust your speed or incline. Easy, right? Also, it has a big screen that won’t make you squint. 

It’s like a personal theatre! And let’s not forget Bluetooth. Say goodbye to those messy cords while running.

Key Features

  • Quick Controls: This feature is cool. No more pressing buttons forever. Just turn a dial. Done!
  • Big Screen: It’s like a mini-cinema. It’s clear, sharp, and easy on the eyes.
  • Bluetooth: Oh boy! You can jam to your playlist. No cables to hold you back!

No Sugarcoating Here!

Fast motor suits all your workout needsNeeds some assembly time
Custom workout plans to get fit your wayTakes up a decent chunk of space
Solid build, this  will last you years

I’ve seen my best friend grow fitter each day. If you’re all about upgrading your fitness game, this treadmill is for you. 

4. Best Auto Incline Treadmill On Budget – The Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill  

Sunny Health and Fitness

Well, my childhood friend just got this treadmill, and I’ve been using it during our hangouts. Trust me, it’s awesome, and it turned both of us into dedicated joggers.


So, what sets this treadmill apart? First off, it’s compact. You can literally fold it up and shove it in the corner when you’re done. 

Also, you’ll love its LED display. It keeps track of your progress without making you guess. And don’t get me started on its 12 pre-set programs.  A workout for every mood!

Key Features

  • Compact Design: Living in a tight space? No worries! Fold this bad boy up.
  • LED Display: Check your stats without squinting. It’s bright and clear.
  • 12 Pre-set Programs: You’ll never get bored. Switch things up anytime.
Easy to store, it’s a real space-saverIt’s not for heavy runners
User-friendly LED DisplayLimited speed range
Pre-set programs keep you engaged

After jogging on this treadmill at my friend’s place, I’m convinced.

If you want to start a fitness routine without going to the gym or breaking the bank, this is for you. Sure, for most of us, it’s a perfect match.

5. Best Manual Incline Treadmill On Budget – The FUNMILY Folding Treadmill

Funmily Treadmill

I’ve been on a fitness journey for about one year, tried my share of treadmills, and let me tell you, the FUNMILY Folding Treadmill is like your pocket-friendly gym.


First things first, this is not your average treadmill. It’s like your personal fitness buddy, minus the annoying pep talks. 

You’ve got a built-in LCD display and a handy place for your tablet. Yes, you can literally Netflix and run!

Key Features

  • Foldable Design: Got a tiny apartment? No problem! Fold it and tuck it away.
  • LCD Display: This display keeps you entertained and informed. That’s what I call multitasking!
  • 15-Level Incline: From “I’m just warming up” to “I’m training for a mountain climb,” it’s got you covered.
Easy to fold and hideSpeakers could use an upgrade
Tablet holder keeps you entertainedMight want a mat for extra stability
15 incline levels offer versatility

If you’re a regular person, not an Olympic sprinter, it does everything you need and more. It’s a keeper!

Please Have A Look For a Better Understanding!

Bowflex Treadmill SeriesNordic Commercial2950Horizon Fitness 7.8 ATSunny Health & FitnessFunmily Folding
Maximum Speed12 mph12 mph12 mph12 mph10 mph
Maximum HP33433.25
Screen10 incehs22 inches9.3 inchesLED N/A
Motor Decline-5% to 15%-3% to 15%0% to 15%N/AManual
Trained Led WorkoutsYesYesYesNoNo
Warranty5 Years1 Year5 Years3 Years1 Year

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Shock-Absorbing Treadmill

Let me guide you through making your treadmill sessions more productive and comfortable as I’ve done this for myself too.

First off, let’s talk type. 

I’m all for motorized treadmills. You’re not just staring at the wall; these bad boys offer varied speed and incline options that can make your workout session fly by. Especially if you’re in it for the long haul, go motorized.

Now, onto the belt size. 

If you’re taller, aim for 60-inch belts for a smoother experience. I’ve learned that belt thickness can be a real deal-maker or breaker. A thicker belt means more durability, and who doesn’t want their treadmill to last? As for cushioning, well, it’s all about comfort. Your joints will thank you.

Hey there, treadmill enthusiasts! Wondering how to keep your trusty treadmill in great shape? Look no further than our “A Quick and Easy Guide to Clean a Treadmill Belt” – it’s a breeze! And if you want to make sure your belt stays snug and smooth, check out our “6 Easiest Steps to Tighten Treadmill Belt.” It’s all about making your treadmill journey as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Budget time! 

Don’t forget to factor in motor power and console features. Higher power usually comes with a steeper price. Larger displays are often pricier, but they can make your workout a lot more enjoyable. After all, who doesn’t love a good Netflix binge while they sweat it out?


Look for app compatibility and built-in speakers. As someone who needs music to get in the zone, trust me, these features are golden. And don’t overlook pre-loaded workouts and automated incline—these are like having a personal trainer in your living room.

Safety first, guys! 

An auto-stop feature is a must, especially if you’ve got kids or pets wandering around.

To sum it up, your shock-absorbing treadmill can be a real lifesaver when you make smart choices and maximize its features.

Trust me, once you start, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! Don’t miss out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do treadmills absorb shock?

Treadmills are designed to absorb some of the shock when you run or walk, which is easier on your joints compared to running on a hard surface. Cushioned treadmills are easier on your body because they soak up some of the jolts you feel when your feet hit the deck. Running is tougher on your body than walking, so you’ll feel extra comfy if you’re using it for running.

Is it safer to run on a treadmill?

Yes, running on a treadmill is generally safer for your knees and ankles than running on hard surfaces like roads. This is even better if you wear good running shoes made for treadmills. Plus, if you set your treadmill to go uphill, it’s like running on real hills and makes you stronger over time.