June 14, 2024
How to Use Nordictrack Without iFit

Are you thinking about purchasing a NordicTrack but are concerned about the cost of an iFit subscription? Or, do you have an iFit-enabled elliptical but don’t want to pay membership fees? We have arrived at your most desired solution. In this tutorial, we will assist you in how to use NordicTrack without iFit.

Nordictrack and iFit

For fitness enthusiasts who want gym class exercise at home, NordicTrack equipment is a blessing. There are only two simple reasons behind it. One is a premium quality, and another is an online coach. 

As NordicTrack equipment comes with iFit, users can get tons of instruction online with an auto-changing incline that suits their bodies. But the fact is iFit provides a limited program for free. All you need is subscription fees for using all the features on iFit. That’s why people find a way to use this equipment without iFit. To know how to use NordicTrack elliptical without iFit, read below! 

How to Activate Nordictrack Elliptical Without iFit

After purchasing brand new NordicTrack fitness equipment, you will see a red sticker on the top of the display. In this sticker, you will see a similar text like, “your smart equipment is currently locked. It will not start until you go to ifit.com/activate”. Don’t fall into this trap if you want to activate iFit and pay for membership. 

So, how can I use NordicTrack without being activated by iFit? 

After removing the sticker, you will see many buttons near the display. Here you have to find out a button texted with iFit. Normally, the iFit button is colored in blue and seems like a tiny iFit sticker. To activate your elliptical without iFit, all you have to do is, press the iFit button for 15-30 seconds until you hear a double beep sound. After successfully doing this, your NordicTrack elliptical will be unlocked without being activated iFit. 

How to Use Nordictrack Elliptical With iFit for Free

The NordicTrack elliptical comes with a 30-day free trial. At this period, you can use all the features in this app. But after a free trial, you have to pay $39 per month. 

So, how to use iFit for free after the free trial period is over? 

Well, you can use a bunch of pre-loaded programs on NordicTrack elliptical without paying a penny. Not only can you use some of the iFit workouts for free, but you will not have access to all of the iFit features if you do not pay for an iFit membership!

Before the invention of the iFit app, working out at home had never been so simple. Get better results by doing iFit weight loss elliptical workouts at home!

Who Should Use Nordictrack Elliptical Without iFit?

One of the major reasons to buy a NordicTrack elliptical is its premium features and quality. Another reason might be iFit’s co-creation. Let’s discuss the fact on who should use NordicTrack elliptical without iFit.

Experienced elliptical user: iFit membership is unnecessary for those with prior personal training experience with an elliptical. Ellipticals are easy to use and have only a few exercises to perform on them. So an experienced user knows well which exercise to do and how long to do on an elliptical. That’s the reason they don’t need extra support via iFit. 

People who don’t like advanced technology: iFit enabled ellipticals like NordicTrack come with many features and innovative technology. Not every person buys NordicTrack ellipticals for advanced technology, but some people buy this for good build quality. People who do not want to use advanced features can use NordicTrack elliptical in manual mode.

Occasional user: Who doesn’t like gym equipment at home? Most people want to keep one of these pieces of equipment in their homes. And after purchasing fitness machines, very few people use them daily. For these irregular users, iFit is not that important. As iFit requires monthly/yearly subscription fees, for non-regular users, iFit activation is a waste of money. 

People who do not wish to pay a subscription fee: Getting live exercise classes, coach advice, and various cool exercise options are great. But when it requires nearly $39 per month, not everyone can afford it or, not willing to have it. That’s the reason why people find a way to use NordicTrack elliptical without iFit. 

People who don’t want to share personal information with iFit apps: Another major reason for avoiding iFit is, iFit signup requires personal information like email, social media access, and credit card information. It may be normal to common people, but people who are more conscious about security and privacy do not like to submit personal information on unknown apps. 

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Nordictrack elliptical with iFit membership provides gym class exercise at home. The only gap between iFit and NordicTrack elliptical is iFit’s subscription fees. This article on “how to use NordicTrack without iFit” was for those who don’t want to activate iFit in their elliptical. 

So, how was this article? Wasn’t it informative? Let us know your valuable opinion in the comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is using Nordictrack elliptical with iFit subscription value of money?

Answer: Obviously, it is! iFit enabled ellipticals like NordicTrack gives tons of exercising facilities like google map trail run, live class from the trainer, workout program on specific goals, etc. Not only that, this machine changes its incline/difficulty level automatically with the program the user runs on iFit apps. So, purchasing a subscription is worth it.

Q: Can I use iFit offline with NordicTrack elliptical?

Answer: No! You can’t use iFit on the Nordictrack elliptical offline. All the features and programs on iFit require an internet connection to load and function your elliptical. But you can use your NordicTrack elliptical offline manually.

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