June 14, 2024
Do I Need a Mat Under My Elliptical on Carpet

You thought to yourself, do I need a mat under my elliptical on the carpet?

Of course, YES! you need a mat under your elliptical on the carpet.

The mat is placed under the exercise equipment to prevent damage to the floor and equipment. It is created by heavy-duty rubber. This is why it is highly durable. An equipment mat is not only placed but also gives several benefits. It is the best protector for your carpet, floor, and equipment. 

Home gyms are increasing day by day. Home gyms do smooth workouts to keep fit. An equipment mat plays a vital role in protecting your floor.

Suppose you keep equipment on your floor or carpet directly. A few days later you can see stains on the floor and the carpet is also damaged. Without a mat, you can’t take proper exercise benefits if you desire to work out at home. Then it would help if you needed an equipment mat. 

If you are confused, take a mat under your elliptical. Then it is the right spot to clear your doubts. We will accord you knowledge about the benefits of a mat under your elliptical trainer on the carpet with this info. Furthermore, some best elliptical mats for carpets. 

After reading the content, you can clear your doubts. Also, you can select great ones according to your requirements. To know the board description of an equipment mat on the carpet, read the entire article. 

5 Benefits of Using a Mat Under an Elliptical Machine

To get the full impact benefits of a home workout. It would be best if you need a mat under your elliptical. Various benefits of using a mat. Some are given below: 

1. Improved Stability

A mat has a shock-absorbent surface. So that improves the stability of the machine. Some mat has a small base that can cause the trainer to forth during and rock back use. It also increases your machine’s life. 

2. Reduce Noise

You may know that using the elliptical creates noise. It is unbearable noise created when the user weighs close to 200 pounds. The noise disturbs your neighbors and those who live with you. The mat has a soft surface that prevents noise. Furthermore, it absorbs vibration and muffles sound. The equipment should be quiet when used. The mat makes your workout attainable and enjoyable.

3. Protect Floor

Those of us who use exercise equipment at home. They know the elliptical ruins our floors. But using a mat under the elliptical can protect your floor. When you also use it on a carpet, the mat can protect it. Direct use on the floor is damaged by scratches and dents. It also can damage your soft carpet. You can protect your beautiful floor and carpet from damage using a mat. 

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4. Non-slip Surface

The mat has a surface that prevents slipping when using the equipment. Suppose your elliptical trainer has no protection against slips. You may get injured when doing workouts. The mat surfaces protect you from slipping. 

5. Prolonged Machine Life 

Are you surprised by this? Using an elliptical mat under your equipment prolongs the life of your machine. It protects equipment parts from being damaged by carpets and floors. Carpet fiber and dust may damage your equipment. The mat also balances friction between the carpet and equipment.

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Types of Elliptical Mat You Will Find

If you are doing workouts on ellipticals, then you must need a mat. Types of elliptical mats are fitness mats, yoga mats, and Pilates mats. When you go to buy a mat, be sure it suits your requirement. 

1. Fitness Mat 

This is for general use. This mat is created by soft material and foam. For additional support, it has air pockets. Furthermore, it is inexpensive and has various choices of sizes. 

2. Yoga Mat 

This mat is thin. A sticky non-slip surface creates it. Also, it is smooth to clean. 

3. Pilates Mat

During various Pilates movements, this mat is much thicker. Also, it has a non-slip surface and is portable.

Some of the Best Elliptical Mat for Carpet You Can Look at

1. AmazonBasics High Density 

AmazonBasics High Density

Overview: Reviewing for an elliptical mat can be used for multiple purposes. This mat is the ideal choice for your demands. It is created by high-density PVC material. The mat is suitable for placing under treadmills, exercise bikes, and ellipticals. It protects floors and carpet from damage by heavy equipment. It provides enough space for workouts. You may find in color seek black. 

2. XMark Elliptical Equipment Mat

XMark Elliptical Equipment Mat

Overview: These days choosing a mat for your requirements. It is not easy when various selections are present in the market. To alleviate you, introduce XMark elliptical mat, which is the fairest choice for you. The mat is created by heavy-duty recycled rubber material.

It is an ideal protector for the floor and carpet. Protect from dents and scratches by heavy equipment. Also, reduce noise and vibration. It is a non-absorbent mat. The mat is 3X thicker than other mats. 

3. Zacro Protective Elliptical Mat

Zacro Protective Elliptical Mat

Overview: Zacro mat is known for its benefits. At present, it is a decent mat in mat markets. When you start to use it, it doesn’t give you a chance to blame. You adore the mat. It is a heavy-duty mat. It protects your beautiful floor and soft carpet from damage. Also, it protects your valuable equipment. It has a non-absorbent surface.

That’s why it decreases noise and vibration. Also, keep the friction balance between the floor and equipment. The most important thing is that it increases low-impact benefits. 


To answer your query, “Do I need a mat under my elliptical on the carpet?” I try my heart and soul to accord you the best info. You should check the capability before buying products: stability, reduction of noise and vibrate, floor protector, thickness, non-absorbent, and warranty. These things can help you purchase the best one according to your requirements. 

When I was writing the above articles on “Do I need a mat under my elliptical on the carpet.”  I pick for you a great one –

Amazon basics are the ideal one. It is a multi-purpose mat. If you buy this one, you can complete your whole requirements. It protects from damage and reduces noise and vibration. It also decreases friction and improves low-impact benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the elliptical damage the carpet without a mat?

Yes, an elliptical machine can cause indentations and damage to your carpet over time due to its weight and the constant friction created during exercise. A mat helps prevent this.

What type of mat should I use under my elliptical?

Heavy-duty rubber mats are recommended for ellipticals. They’re durable, noise-absorbent, and provide good stability. Ensure the mat is large enough to accommodate the full footprint of your elliptical machine.

Is it okay to use a yoga mat under my elliptical machine?

It is not recommended to use a yoga mat. They are not thick or durable enough to protect your carpet from the pressure of an elliptical machine or to absorb the vibrations during exercise.

How does a mat under my elliptical machine reduce noise?

The mat absorbs the vibrations generated by the elliptical machine, which in turn reduces the noise produced during workouts.

Can I use the same mat for other heavy gym equipment?

Yes, as long as the mat is made of durable material and is the correct size, it can be used for other heavy gym equipment like treadmills or weight benches.

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