May 20, 2024
How to Stop Elliptical From Rocking

Can’t exercise on your elliptical trainer because of rocking! No worries, in this article we’ll explain why elliptical trainers rock and, more importantly, how to stop elliptical trainers from rocking.

It’s difficult enough to exercise on an elliptical machine while it’s rocking; you may possibly injure yourself! We were able to figure out why it’s rocking and how to stop it after some study.

So, figure out how to keep your elliptical trainer from shaking.

Reasons Behind Rocking an Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical trainer movement around is not a problem. It is a big issue. It would help if you stopped it. Otherwise, you can’t take low-impact benefits from workouts. Maybe you can’t do exercise on your equipment.

For this reason, you may be injured. Before going about how to stop the elliptical from rocking. Do you have to know why your elliptical rock? 

There are several ways to rock your elliptical. But first, I’d want to bring your attention to three difficulties. There are three basic reasons why your elliptical machine can rock:

  1. Leveling feet: If your elliptical rocking. Push down and check leveling feet. Equipment feet don’t stay on the level. Then your elliptical occurs rocking.
  2. Frame bolts: The second way is frame bolts. Suppose your elliptical frame bolts are not tight enough. Then it started rocking.
  3. Floor unstable: The last one is floor unstable. Each elliptical fits on each floor. So before purchasing an elliptical trainer, you keep in mind your floor types.

So, How to Stop Elliptical From Rocking?

We bought equipment to exercise and stay healthy. But when it comes to exercising with the movement of equipment, we can’t exercise properly. We get into a lot of accidents. That’s why today, I will discuss how to stop the elliptical from rocking. This may be one of the best solutions you should look at:

Popular Solution: Using a Mat Under You Elliptical Trainer

How to Stop Elliptical From Rocking

From my point of view, an equipment mat is the best solution for preventing rocking. It also ensures more facilities. Because it is created by high-density PVC or rubber material, you can use it on carpet to prevent movement. If you put a mat under your elliptical trainer prevents not only rocking but also gives more facilities. Such as:

  • Reduce noise and vibration
  • Balance friction between floor and equipment
  • Smooth to clean and use
  • Extended machine life

You also can look at Best Elliptical Mat for Hardwood.

Other Safest Solutions: Flooring

For equipment, the ideal floor type is rigid floors. The floor designs for stability. Such as concrete, hardwood, and even vinyl. A flat, level and the sturdy floor is a perfect selection for an elliptical.

Suppose you put the elliptical on the carpet. It can’t stop the elliptical from moving because the carpet does not have enough stability. But I don’t say that you can’t put the elliptical on the carpet. 

Suppose you can’t do this. No problem, you will be able to take another one.


Leveling is the most important one which can stop an elliptical from moving ideally. To find perfect leveling, at first, when you set up your elliptical, make sure that equipment feet stay sturdy on the floor. The best way is to set up elliptical feet until they stop moving around. 

Moreover, each company or brand has a system to set up. So you should check your machine instructions. You can find the best leveling on rigid floors. 

Loose screws

Loose screws are another one that causes elliptical rocking. Generally said that you should tighten bolts and screws after each use. After every time, use an elliptical trainer if tight bolts and screws can prevent elliptical movement. 

Not only movement but also it reduces noise and vibration. It makes your workout more accessible and enjoyable. 


Suppose you try above all those things. But still, it doesn’t prevent rocking. Then it is time to apply plywood. Place a mat under your elliptical is good; better is place plywood. Plywood is not a highly expensive one. Before buying, you must consider thickness and materials.

Stick to the floor

The last one is to stick to the floor. Before applying, you must verify all steps if they do not work on your elliptical. Then you apply this. Directly fix it on your floor with bolts. In this way, you may find some extra hassles. You find a permanent hole on your floor unless you cover it up with a carpet. 

Start Stabilizing You Elliptical Trainer

Workout from home is very advantageous nowadays. You buy equipment and do regular exercise according to your schedules. But your equipment should stabilize to take good benefits. To put stabilize fellow the below things: 

  • To start with, the floor is a big part of stabilization. Before buying, you should consider your floor type if your floor is hardwood, concrete and rigid floor. Then no problem your floor is suitable for any equipment.
  • When you set up an elliptical trainer, make sure its feet are level. If your elliptical trainer is level, you can avoid rocking easily.
  • You can use a mat under your elliptical trainer. The mat can prevent any issues from elliptical trainers. You can enjoy your workout and get low-impact benefits.
  • Check equipment parts of screws and bolts. Loose screws cause unwanted moving. You should check after each use. Lest two or three months later


In my above article on how to stop elliptical from rocking? I try my heart and soul to reach with you the best solutions. It can be stopped in plenty of ways. Such as equipment mat, flooring types, leveling, loose screws, plywood, and stick to the floor. These things can help you to stop the elliptical from unwanted moving. You can get excellent and practical exercises at home.