March 26, 2023
How Much Does An Elliptical Weigh

Elliptical machines are fantastic tools for losing weight and getting that dream body. It works on multiple parts of your body. To get effective results, you should choose an elliptical machine that has perfect dimensions and weight. But the question that may arise in your mind is, how much does an elliptical weigh? This article will answer all your queries about the elliptical machine’s weight. 

It’s not always easy to determine an elliptical’s weight. An elliptical weighs 100 to 150 pounds on average. But the net weight depends on the machine model and type. Choose an elliptical that has a perfect weight balance and fits the space you’ve allotted.

Why Does Elliptical Weight Matter?

Elliptical machines are heavy gym equipment. There are some good things about their weight for a good reason. The heavy build makes this machine more stable and doesn’t stumble while in use.

If we categorized elliptical machine weight, the home gym elliptical machine is not that heavy compared to commercial ellipticals that are used in the gym. Most of the ellipticals used at the home are weighted around 60-200lbs. While commercial one weighs up to 400lbs. What’s the reason behind it? 

As you know, home equipment is used only a couple of times a day and there is some specific weighted person rides on it. For that reason, these machines are weighted less and are a bit less durable than the commercial ones. But that does not mean the home gym elliptical is not durable enough. One can use this machine for more than 10 years if taken care of it properly. 

On the other hand, commercial machines are used most of the time the day. And there are hundreds of different weighted people who use it. That’s why these machines have to be more weighted for having perfect balance while used. In that case, if you use a normal elliptical that weighs less, your machine might be broken after a few continuous use due to misbalance and vibration. 

So, you have to be more careful about the elliptical machine’s weight when purchasing a new one. 

Suitable Weight for Elliptical Machine

The elliptical machine is a type of exercise device in which a flywheel and elastic are used. As a result, you will experience smooth and consistent resistance throughout your workout season. Because the elliptical machine’s stability is required when exercising, its weight must be considered.

However, the weights of elliptical machines are not the same. It would be different for the different people considering their height and weight. In the following, we are going to discuss the weight of elliptical machines from different perspectives.

#1. Personal Elliptical Machine Weight Based on Height

Personal Elliptical Trainer Machine

Nowadays, personal elliptical machines are more popular among fitness lovers people. These machines are convenient to use and have a variety of weights for different heights of persons. Personal elliptical machines are designed based on people’s height.

These kinds of elliptical machines are comparatively light-weighted than commercial elliptical machines. So, to find a good result from an elliptical workout, you have to choose a perfect weighted elliptical machine based on your height.     

a. Short People Elliptical Weigh:

There are some vital things to consider while you’re looking for an elliptical machine. If you are a short person, you have to choose a light weighted and shorted stride length elliptical machine. Keep in mind that, if the stride length of your elliptical is too long comparatively your height you not only be uncomfortable but also you could injure yourself.

However, if we say more clearly the measurement of a shorter stride length should be (13”-16”) inches, if you are under 5’7″ tall. On the other hand, a less weighted elliptical machine‘s weight should be 60-100lbs. Finally, the elliptical machine is a small yet strong machine that has a user weight capacity of 300 pounds.

b. Medium Height Person Elliptical Weight: 

Medium height person elliptical weight is a general term that describes a body type of medium height with a narrow waist and lower body mass index (BMI). The term can also be used to describe the body type of an average man or woman weighing approximately 160 pounds. For them, an elliptical machine may be perfect.

If you are a medium heightened person with (5’9” to 5’11”) inches height, you need to choose a medium stride length (15”-18”) elliptical machine with a medium machine weight of 80-120lbs.

c. Tall Person Elliptical Weight: 

If you are looking for an elliptical machine to use in your home, you have to choose a machine that is more adjustable based on your height. When comes to the point about your height, then the weight of the machine is also a considerable matter.  

However, if you are a tall person above 6 feet the weight of your elliptical is crucial. You need a high-weighted elliptical machine.  

So, you need to choose a high stride length (18”-22”) inches elliptical machine that is a bulky machine with 120-200lbs weight. It will be perfect for your height. Therefore, try to choose an elliptical machine based on your height to get a better result. 

#2. Apps Enable Advanced Elliptical Machine Weight

how much does an elliptical weigh: App enabled elliptical machine

Elliptical machines are a type of exercise machine that uses elliptical motion to provide a full-body workout. There are also digitalized elliptical machines available on the market (such as iFit enable elliptical Proform and NordicTrack) which are called apps that enable advanced elliptical machines.

There’s an app available for the iPhone or iPad. You can connect your elliptical machine to the app via Bluetooth. Wifi connection must be needed for this elliptical. 

This elliptical machine is one of the heaviest ellipticals with a combination of a heavy flywheel. Its weight is about 200-300 lbs. With a combination of magnetic resistance, it impressively provides you with smooth movement. 

#3. Commercial Elliptical Machine Weight

Commercial elliptical machines are very heavy. These machines are used in the gym. Its weight range is 200-400lbs. However, finding the best elliptical commercial machine for your fitness gym can be confusing and time- swallowing.

Beyond that, When it comes to adjustable features of commercial elliptical, this model allows users to manually adjust the stride from 18 to 20 to 22 inches. 

Beyond that, the best feature of this commercial elliptical machine is its flywheel weight of 20 pounds, combined with a 350-pound weight capacity. So, the elliptical machine has an incredible smooth workout experience.  

How Much Weight Capacity Elliptical Machine Should I Go for?

If you’re looking for a machine for your home workout, the apps-enabled machine could be ideal. The majority of these machines weigh more than 200 pounds and are designed for people who weigh more than 300 pounds. However, these machines are extremely expensive, and not everyone can afford them.

60-200lbs classic machines may be ideal for people who want a more affordable elliptical machine in their home. These ellipticals are affordable and can accommodate people of all sizes.

Are you planning to open a commercial gym or add more elliptical machines to your current gym? Then you can invest in a commercial elliptical that weighs more than 200 pounds and can carry up to 350 pounds.

We recommend a reasonable distance between your elliptical machine’s weight limit and your body weight. For example, buy a machine that can hold more weight than your actual body weight. If you weigh 290 pounds, an elliptical machine with a 350-pound weight limit is the best option. That will be perfect for you.


Lastly, numerous aspects determine the weight of your elliptical machine.  So, before you go shopping for a new elliptical machine, you have to make sure you understand what kind of elliptical machine you’re going to buy and How much an elliptical weigh. The consideration will make your workout easy, safe and secure. 

Finally, it can be mentioned that it is doesn’t matter what the weight of your elliptical machine; elliptical machines still effective at making your body healthy and achieving your targeted goals. 

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