June 14, 2024
Elliptical Weight Limit

Elliptical weight limit is a considerable matter among elliptical users. There are a wide variety of elliptical machine models and brands, as well as differences in their weight limits in the market. The different elliptical machines have different weight limits. 

However, Since the elliptical weight limit affects the durability of your elliptical machine, you need to choose an elliptical machine that is compatible with your weight.  So, let’s discuss the different types of elliptical machines and their variety of weight limits.

Types of Ellipticals and Their Weight Limit

There are several types of elliptical machines according to their weight limits. Elliptical weight limit is a considerable matter to find a perfect machine that is capable of your body weight. There is no alternative to a high-weight elliptical machine to find a good experience during your workout session. So, How much weight can an elliptical hold? Here are different types of elliptical machines based on their weight limit. 

Budget Elliptical Weight Limit

Budget elliptical weight limit

There are many budget elliptical machines with different features. The weight limit of the machines is about 200-300lbs. Budget ellipticals work surprisingly well for anyone who needs a full-range body movement from a compact machine. The ellipticals are very suitable for working out properly, and the price of the machines is basically under $300.

Medium Range Elliptical Weight Limit

Medium range elliptical weight limit

Medium range elliptical machine’s weight limitation is generally  250-350lbs. They have a medium-length stride that is suitable for most users up to about 5.8 inches. You find all the unique cardio core features for your upper and lower body workout on such elliptical machines. The price of the medium-range elliptical is basically under $800.

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Premium Apps Enabled Elliptical Weight Limit

Premium Elliptical Weight Limit

App-enabled elliptical machines have come with some updated and user-friendly features.  A high weight limit is one of them. Premium Apps enabled elliptical machine’s weight limit is generally  300-400 lbs, which is a huge weight limitation. This has led to an increase in the use of elliptical machines, which has led to a higher demand for elliptical machines. 

Commercial Elliptical Weight Limit

Commercial elliptical weight limit

Commercial grade elliptical machines are generally used in fitness centers. These machines mostly have a high-weight capacity with the most useful and updated features. The machines have a 300-450lbs weight limitation. The Commercial elliptical heavyweight limit allows users to work harder and achieve bigger results in less time. 

Recumbent Elliptical Weight Limit

recumbent elliptical weight limit

The recumbent elliptical machine can be your great choice if you prefer to be more comfortable during your workout session. Recumbent elliptical trainers usually have weight capacities that are higher than other types of equipment. Friendly trainers will start at 300 lb capacities and go as high as 600 lb. 

Under Desk Elliptical Weight Limit

Under desk elliptical weight limit

Under Desk Elliptical machines generally advise a weight limit of  200-250 pounds. If you weigh more than the under-desk weight limit, you should consider using another elliptical instead. Because Exceeding the weight limit can cause the machine to break down quickly.

What Will Happen if I Exceed the Elliptical Weight Limit

The elliptical machine’s weight is a considerable topic for elliptical trainers. But the question is, what happens if you exceed your elliptical weight limit? There are a few things that can occur. Basically, that depends on how much you’re going over the weight limit. However, the things that can happen if the weight limit is exceeded. Check it out below: 

  • Nothing happens
  • Increased wear
  • Failure

Let’s glance at those things that are slightly more intimate.

Nothing happens(within safety margin)

Essentially, there will be a safety margin in almost every elliptical machine you buy. The manufacturers want to provide you with a great experience, so they care about their products. 

But keep in mind that every little thing that goes over their mentioned limit would break the machine immediately. As a result, your experience wouldn’t be great. 

So most ellipticals will have a safety margin. However, nothing bad will happen, or at least not immediately. If the machine is new, a safety margin of 15% can only be 5% when the parts are worn.

Increased wear

One thing is for sure if you put more weight on an elliptical machine, the wear is increased. It will curtail the lifespan of the machine.

If you’re asking for more than an elliptical machine, you really need to be on top of maintenance. You have to check all nuts and bolts regularly and lubricate all moving parts if possible. Lubrication will not help with frame damage but will certainly help reduce wear on moving parts.

Besides, it also depends on how far and long you go, beyond the weight limit. You are going to the safety margin of the machine and can probably exceed it. So while it may not break instantly, it will spoil quickly.


And how fast? It is impossible to say. Even two elliptical trainers can give the same brand and model at different points. There are many reasons to say something concrete.

Of course, it depends on how much you load your elliptical machine and how long it exceeds the limit. There is also an effect of the smoothness with which you use the machine. Just jumping on it is much more likely to go wrong than taking careful action.

Benefits of Having High Weight Capacity Machine

You know that the elliptical machine is one of the weight-bearing exercise equipment. The stability of the elliptical machine is required when you do whole-body exercises. However, there are some essential benefits of having a high-weight capacity machine that makes your workout session pleasurable. Some benefits of a high-weight capacity elliptical machine are given below.

  • Stability: It is important that the machine is stable when exercising on an elliptical machine. You will find stability only on a high-weight capacity elliptical machine. So you have to choose a high-weight capacity elliptical machine.
  • Smooth Operation: A  high-weight capacity elliptical machine provides you with smooth feelings during your workout activities. So, you can do your exercise activities correctly. Without a smooth operation, you will not be able to reach your goal. 
  • Lifespan: Elliptical machines’ durability depends on their weight capacity. The machine which has more weight capacity is stronger than any other machine.  
  • Safety: High-weight capacity elliptical machines provide you with more safety. You can rest assured that the cause of falls for disbalance. So you can feel safe moments during your workouts.
  • Noise Free: Lightweight elliptical machine can make a squeak noise from its moving parts. On the other hand, a high-weight capacity machine doesn’t move.  As a result, you can enjoy a noise-free workout session.

If you’re considering getting an elliptical machine, check out our complete guide to find different elliptical machines that suit your needs.

Final Verdict

The weight capabilities of the elliptical machines are the results of various parts. Elliptical weight limits are typically not as strict that going 5 pounds over the weight capacity means your machine immediately breaks down.

Yet, that does not suggest that you should skip the weight limits of elliptical machines. While higher weight limit elliptical machines are usually more expensive, there are still a few good reasons to attach to models in your weight category. So, choose a perfect weight limit elliptical machine for you that matches your weight.