May 20, 2024
Elliptical Work Abs

The elliptical Machine is an important equipment of for the gym that provides you with an effective cardiovascular workout. The machine is perfect for working effectively with your abdominal muscles and core. With proper elliptical workouts, you can tone your abs. It is tested that toned abs not only can boost your appearance but also play a necessary part in stabilizing your core. 

Basically, the elliptical machine works on your whole body to increase muscles and stamina. It is also a popular way to engage your abs and focus on the lower- body. To target your abs and core while exercising, you should do different types of exercises such as cardio, strength training, and core exercises.  In this blog post, we will discuss Does elliptical work abs?  and why it is such an effective workout for your abs and core.

Does Elliptical Work Abs?

An elliptical machine is a full-body workout equipment. Without ever having to leave your home, you can quickly tone your abs using an elliptical machine. Ellipticals are a useful way to get full-body exercise in the short term. It is also adequate for working your stomach. 

Everybody knows that cardio is one of the great ways to burn abdominal fat. So if your goal is to tone your abs, you should do cardio and add in some abdominal workouts to get effective results.

Benefits of Elliptical Training for Abs

There are lots of benefits of elliptical training for abs. The elliptical resistances offer you different types of cardiovascular exercises which play an eventful impact to get your body in shape. These exercises make your muscle groups stranger. Here are some of the benefits of elliptical training for abs.

Fat Burn

The cardiovascular exercises on the elliptical machine expend calories by burning your body fat. It is clear that the body fat lies on the top of the muscles. So elliptical training can help you to make a tones abs.

Strengthens your Muscles 

An elliptical offers you strength training. It boosts your metabolism. A higher metabolism implies more calories spent which can be removed from your belly fat. So it is great for your abdominal muscles.

Core Exercises

The elliptical machines allow you to perform core exercises. These exercises include moves like crunches, planks, and twists. So it is a great way to get toned abs.

Muscles Worked by Elliptical Trainer

The elliptical machine is an excellent way to enhance your muscle groups. While you perform elliptical training, it targets just about every single muscle group in your body. The significant muscle that the elliptical worked are the core, back, chest, And front delts, glutes, calves, and quads.

Potential Drawbacks or Limitations of Using an Elliptical Machine for Abs

Using an elliptical machine, you can tone and boost your abs muscles by ensuring you are working at a high enough intensity. And by trying to assure that the abdominals are working to keep your balance and posture.

As well as there have some limitations to using an elliptical machine for abs. These limitations are:  

Tips for Effective Elliptical Training for Abs

Elliptical training is the most effective workout. You can make your elliptical training by following some tips. Here are some of the impactful ways to make effective training for abs.

Use the Correct Form

With your shoulders down and away from your ears, you have to maintain a pose. Activate your core, but don’t crunch forward while pushing your hands. And feel like you are moving via your core.

Keep your Core Engaged

It is an effective static crunch while using an elliptical for your core. It assures you get the most out of your exercise. But keep in mind, don’t hold your breath.

Vary Your Speed and Intensity

You should twist your abs by using a low resistance and high speed. You know that high resistance and low speed engage your frontal abs and lower back. This high resistance and speed are most useful for muscle building and calorie burning.

Increase the Resistance

If you wish to make your abs tone, you’ll have to push harder. So, you need to increase the resistance of your elliptical machine. And, in this way, if you hold the correct posture, the push will come from your core.

Don’t Use the Handles

If you give up the handlebars, it works your stomach more. Because you’re contracting your abs unconsciously to maintain your balance. that’s excellent to work harder on your lower back. Remember that you shouldn’t create strength-related imbalances like other people. That may be the reason for your damage. 

Pro Tips

The best approach is doing HIIT on your elliptical machine for abs. Which means you’re alternating periods of low and high impact.

Proper Form for Elliptical Exercises

You know that a consistent cardiovascular workout expends calories by burning body fat. Body fat lies on top of the muscle, so if you want tone abs, you must lose fat first. So you need to wear a heart rate monitor and stay in your target zone and include intervals to boost your results.

On the other hand, you should follow a routine of core exercises, which include moves like crunches, planks, and twists. However, yoga and pilates are great ways to work the core as well. Check with a trainer to create a variety of your own core exercises, and change the exercises occasionally to promote more progress.

Disadvantages of Elliptical Machine for Abdominal Muscles

If your goal is to gain abdominal muscles by using an elliptical machine, we think you’re not on the right track. Because the elliptical has not retained all the abdominal exercise elements. Here are the disadvantages of the Elliptical Machine for Abdominal Muscles.

Inadequate Resistance for Some Abdominal Exercises

Elliptical resistances are not adequate for abdominal exercises. If you wish to get a maximum abdominal result, you should not depend only on the elliptical machine.  There are many abdominal exercises to do which require minimum equipment such as Heel Touches, Ab Twists, Sidebands, etc. 

Lack of Versatility in Targeting Specific Abdominal Muscles

As we mentioned elliptical machine is one of the best versatile exercise equipment. But you don’t find all features to target specific abdominal muscles. There are many abdominal exercises that require no equipment or require minimal equipment you can do for better results. So, you should choose some abdominal exercises which are suitable for you. 

Alternatives to Elliptical for Abdominal Muscles

Elliptical exercises help you to make your body muscles and help you to be strong. If your goal is to gain Abdominal Muscles, elliptical exercise is not the only way. There are many exercises that require equipment or require minimal equipment. 

Abdominal Exercises That Require No Equipment

You can do these exercises without any equipment. But the exercises are very effective to make abdominal muscles. Here are some abdominal exercises that require no equipment.


Abdominal crunch exercises are invented to tone the core muscles of the body. The exercise helps you in boosting the core muscles and improve your posture. These also help you increase the mobility and flexibility of the muscles.

Heel taps

This exercise is best if you lightly tighten your abdominals as well as your obliques. If you perform this exercise 3 sets of 30 reps in a routine based, you will find a great result. 

Mountain climbers

This exercise utilizes multiple muscle groups in your body. Mountain climbers are a useful way of bolstering your arms, back, core, and legs. Another advantage of using multiple muscles at once is an increased heart rate, which will help you burn more calories.


the plank pose mainly performs on your core abdominal muscles. It is a great workout to get rid of stubborn belly fat. Holding a plank for a few minutes each day can alone help to trump down stomach fat and furnish an attractive shape to your body.

Pike Crunch 

Pike Crunch works for core strength as well as the abdominal muscles, arms, and shoulders. Because your straps can willingly move, you will be pushed to use all your secondary stabilizing muscles to keep good form. 

Abdominal Exercises That Require Minimal Equipment

You can do these exercises with minimal equipment. But the exercises are extremely effective in creating abdominal muscles. Here are some abdominal exercises that require minimal equipment.

Side Bends

Dumbbell side bends exercise can enhance your core strength. Performing this exercise you can target your internal obliques and external oblique muscles. This exercise can strengthen the sides of your body.

Barbell Back Squat

The barbell back squat has been indicated to be a great exercise for abdominal exercises. It is a crucial arrow of overall health and soundness. The training also allows you to develop muscle, dynamism and mobility.

Ab Rollout

An ab wheel roller helps you curve every single muscle in your upper body. It is very effective for abs. The workout also helps you lose fat and strengthen your abdominal muscles.


It is one of the best core exercises that work on your core. The L-sit performs your abs, quads, hip flexors, obliques, triceps, shoulders, pecs, and lats. So it is a very good workout for Abs.

Toes to Bar

It is a very excellent exercise that activates muscle groups in your upper body and your lower back. The Toes to Bar exercise works on the rhomboids, biceps, triceps, and deltoid muscles.  

The Bottom Line 

An Elliptical Machine is one of the most versatile workout equipment. The machine helps you to perform abs and core exercises very easily. With the proper elliptical exercise, you can gain abdominal muscles and also you can tone your abs as well. The elliptical workouts also play an essential part in stabilizing the core. 

However, if you wish for more effective results from doing elliptical training for abs, you should navel to spine, vary your workouts and try to periodically let go of the handlebars on the elliptical machine.