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Best Stride Length for Elliptical How to Find the Perfect Fit

Do you desire to know the best stride length for ellipticals? When we are going to purchase an elliptical trainer, we should consider some things to find the perfect fit. Such as workout programs, resistance level, overall size, etc. However, stride length is a thing that you shouldn’t overlook to find the best and most comfortable workout. 

With this, you’ll know a broad description of the best stride length for ellipticals. Also, what is stride length, factors in selecting stride length, stride length for men and women, and more? To obtain all information about stride length, read the whole article attentively. 

What Is Stride Length?

The elliptical machine’s stride length is the difference between the elliptical pedals’ lengths. Also, when the pedals are away from each other at the furthest point. It affects your workout effectiveness and comfort. A person’s stride length means the distance between while starting walking with right/left leg to right/left leg heel to heel length. When you purchase an elliptical trainer, the stride length of the machine and your walking stride length should be the same. 

Elliptical provides us with a low-impact workout that becomes like walking. To obtain the best workout benefits from any elliptical, the stride length of the elliptical should be equal to your walking stride. 

The Importance of Determining Your Stride Length

Determining your stride length is most important for a comfortable workout. If the stride length of the elliptical isn’t perfect for you, then you may face many troubles. Like cramped, uncomfortable, overreaching, stretching. Also, a person’s height can impact stride length. So, incorrect stride length can decrease your workout progress. 

If the stride length is too short, you will feel uncomfortable while exercising. Also, feel cramped and give pressure on your lower back. Besides if the stride length is too long, you may feel like muscles are hyperextending and have pain around the knees. 

A proper stride length will help you feel comfortable and work out like a walker. So you should determine your stride length before purchasing an elliptical machine. 

Best stride length for Elliptical?

It is shown that most users comfortably fit on a 20-inch stride length machine.  That means most people of height 5.3″ to 6″ can comfortably consume a 20-inch stride-length elliptical trainer. That’s why the best stride length for ellipticals is supposed to be 20 inches. 

Factors to consider when choosing stride length

When you are going to purchase an elliptical you should consider many things. The most important thing that you have to consider is stride length. To find a perfect fit and comfortable workout on an elliptical you should purchase an elliptical with the correct stride length. With some factors, you can choose your perfect stride length. 

The most important factor that you should consider when choosing stride length is your height. Because stride length differs from person to person by their height. If you are under 5′ then you shouldn’t purchase an elliptical with a stride length below 14″-16″. Because it can make you feel uncomfortable and cramped and give pressure on your lower back. 

If you’re 5’3″-5’6″ then you shouldn’t purchase an elliptical with a stride length longer than 16-18 inches. Because it may feel like your muscles are hyperextending and pain around your knees. 

If your height is 5’7-6′ then for you the perfect stride length is 18-20 inches. And if you are over 6′ then your perfect stride length is 20-22 inches. You shouldn’t purchase an elliptical with shorter and longer stride lengths. Because correct stride length may feel fit on an elliptical and comfortable workout. 

The key to finding the perfect stride length is knowing your height and your height’s suitable stride length. 

Your heightOptimal stride length
Under 5′14-16 inches
5’3″-5’6″16-18 inches
5’7″-6′18-20 inches
Over 6′20-22 inches

The second factor that should be considered to find the perfect stride length is your ideal stride length. Also, you can purchase an elliptical with perfect stride length by knowing your stride length. 

I hope with those two factors you can smoothly purchase an elliptical with perfect stride length. 

Stride Length for Men [suits medium to highest stride length]

So far we have learned that the length of the stride varies according to the height of the person. But it is also different in gender.  For men under 5’10” the perfect stride length is 15-18 inches to purchase a perfect fit elliptical. Also, for those over 5’10” must choose an elliptical machine with more than 18+ inches stride length

Stride Length for Women [11-16 inches]

The average stride length of the elliptical for women is 11-16 inches for those who are under 5’3″. Over 5’3″+ women the stride length is 16″+. As lower stride ellipticals are not that expensive, In that case, women get more benefits on a budget. There are some affordable options for lower stride ellipticals, women can have in their house. 

Stride Length for Athletes 

For athletes, the stride length of the elliptical should be more than 20 inches for any height. Elliptical with wider stride length helps athletes to have a more intense and flexible workout. Athletes like runners, football or, cricket players are recommended using Open Stride Elliptical. With this open stride machine, users can switch stride lengths between 0-30+ inches. So, if you are an athlete and have a big budget to spend on machines then an elliptical with a wider stride length would be your best option. 

How Is Stride Length Calculated?

The stride length can be calculated in many ways. However, the most accurate and easiest way to calculate stride length is the height-based formula. It is super easy but here you have to do some math. To start with, your height is measured in inches. Then the number is multiplied by 0.25. If you find the number in decimal, then round up the number to the next whole number. Now you will find your stride length. 

Alternatively, walk 1o normally, drawing a spot on the starting point with chalk. After passing 10 steps, draw the mark on the last point. Now measure the distance of your starting to endpoints in inches. Divide this distance by 10 to determine the stride length. If you determine the stride length using this method. Then it is suggested to determine the length repeatedly in this method. 

On the other hand, if you want to calculate your machine’s stride length you can easily find it in product descriptions. Otherwise, you can check it manually by expanding paddles as much as your machine goes and then calculating the distance using the measuring element. 

How to determine your ideal stride length?

Determining the ideal stride length for you is the most important thing. Because stride length impacts your workout effectiveness and comfortability. Also, it aspects low impact benefits of workouts. Stride length ensures a low risk of injuries while working out. 

By the way, determining your ideal stride length is very easy. To start with, measure your height inch. Then multiply your height by 0.25. Now you will find your ideal stride length. 

Fixed Stride vs. Adjustable Stride vs. Open Stride

best stride length for elliptical: Fixed stride vs adjustable stride vs open stride

Fixed stride means that was the length when the elliptical was made. It can never be changed. Only those who can use a fixed stride elliptical of the same length can use it.  

On the other hand, adjustable stride means this can be changed as needed. The advantage of this elliptical is that people of different lengths of the same family can use it by changing the length. For this reason, an adjustable stride is more valuable than a fixed stride. However, most adjustable machines can change an inch or so. 

Finally, an open stride machine is one that moves freely. Machine stride length can be adjusted from 0 to 30+ inches. Therefore, it is more suitable for people who want more flexibility or athletes who want an intense workout.

Wrap Up

I did my best in this article to provide you with useful information about the best stride length for ellipticals. Also, I did my best to explain the significance of determining stride length for you, as well as how to calculate stride length. Investing in an elliptical with the ideal stride length can improve the comfort and effectiveness of your workout. It also increases the exercise’s low-impact benefits. It can also reduce the risk of injury.

I expect that after reading the content, you can purchase an elliptical with a suitable stride length according to your height and gender.  

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